Let’s do this!

For some reason i thought it’s good idea to start a Blog and write down all the things/plans going in my head and tell it to random people. I have absolutely no idea how to do “this”, but at the moment, i like it! First thing that came to my mind when i was thinking, what the blog should be about, i was like “i just found a good university. it’s really far away, no idea how i will get in there, how i will afford to live there, but hey, this sounds like a great adventure and i should write a blog about it, so someone,somewhere could get inspired by me… yeah, sounds fun.” To be honest, i don’t think anyone will ever read this for real, but hey, it makes me happy. I’m just gonna customize my blog now, make it a bit more friendly and comfortable. Let’s see how things turn out now!


3 thoughts on “Let’s do this!

  1. I can relate to your thoughts in so many ways!! When I first started my blog I thought about focusing on one thing like poetry or writing about love or fitness. I had so many ideas in my mind and still do in fact consider these thoughts as I begin my posts. However I look at my blog now as a reflection of myself without any specific labels. I have so many different styles of writing as well as where I draw my inspiration from. You will find your path eventually, for now just keep creating.

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