In the recent days, i have been thinking about the blog, the whole structure of it and i came to a conclusion. I thought writing every 3 days is suitable for me, if i want to keep the blog updated and don’t want to push myself too hard at the same time. About the topic of the blog, i begun writing this blog to save the memories, the struggle and all the experience i get while i go towards my dream, but i’ve been thinking about it. The original goal is good, i’ll keep it, but life is a strange thing, noone knows how their plans will turn out in the end, so this blog could go anywhere, maybe later it’ll be just me presenting my daily adventures, by the way i would enjoy that too. A secondary reason is that it improves my english skills which i really need if i want to study abroad.

Later this week i want to write something like an introduction. I want to write about myself a little bit, how i came to this blogging and everything, so when people somehow manage to get to my little blog, they can read it and they’ll know where they are, probably, i hope so. I’ll do my best.


Let’s do this!

For some reason i thought it’s good idea to start a Blog and write down all the things/plans going in my head and tell it to random people. I have absolutely no idea how to do “this”, but at the moment, i like it! First thing that came to my mind when i was thinking, what the blog should be about, i was like “i just found a good university. it’s really far away, no idea how i will get in there, how i will afford to live there, but hey, this sounds like a great adventure and i should write a blog about it, so someone,somewhere could get inspired by me… yeah, sounds fun.” To be honest, i don’t think anyone will ever read this for real, but hey, it makes me happy. I’m just gonna customize my blog now, make it a bit more friendly and comfortable. Let’s see how things turn out now!